What We Do

We Are Your External Partners


When you have a business goal, you can pay an awful lot for information and consulting. Buzz takes that idea a step further. In order to provide the best service possible we endeavor to clearly understand your short and long term goals so we can provide solutions that are both effective and scalable. Additionally, we don’t leave you with a to do list. Our projects are priced through execution. In other words, we don’t leave until your solutions are fully implemented and your team has the knowledge required to maintain them. 

We also have packages available for ongoing support where the addition of staff is not feasible. Buzz can serve as your on call global communications, human resources, research or process improvement department. For small to medium sized organizations it is often not cost effective to have full time resources in these roles and an external partner can meet your needs at a fraction of the cost. 


Global Communications

In the Digital Age

We can help with everything from brand management to digital marketing and e-commerce. Need a great logo and marketing materials? Not sure how to use Facebook to reach new customers? Website need a reboot? We offer a range of services to help you tell the world why they should buy your product or service or join your not-for profit organization’s efforts. 

Human Capital

Unleashing Potential

Many small to medium sized businesses and not-for profits cannot hire someone to manage the human resources function full time. But managing your workforce or volunteers is one of the keys to unlocking the potential of your organization. We can help with everything from hiring the right people to training and rewarding them correctly. We’ve got you covered whether it’s helping you develop an employee handbook or hiring highly specialized employees. 


Process Improvement

Getting to Peak Efficiency

Many small to medium sized organizations become very dependent on individuals for their success. When an individual leaves, what they know also leaves often leaving busy business owners at a loss. With proven tools to assess and document processes Buzz can help you ensure that critical processes are operationalized and teachable to new employees. 

Best Practice Research

To Help You Compete

The world is full of competitive information that can help you manage your business or organization better. We offer research services on matters of public policy, issues, competitive information and best practices. organized into an easy to understand format with recommendations specific to your situation, it’s like having your own personal assistant to sift through all of the information available on your topic of interest.